Business process management and unified operations

Business process management and automated workflows will unify your business operations—globally

Using powerful business process management software, we create workflows and processes to streamline and unify your business environment. We align your organization’s practices with the product requirements and the documentation needs for your clients. Open new accounts with structured and dynamic workflows that deliver the right processes to then collect the right information and provide the right documentation, both desired and required. Our specialization focuses on the new deposit account and new lending account processes of the American banking industry.

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Business process managementKey Features

Environment Discovery and Planning

You have processes and requirements in place today. We aim to convert those to a database driven BPM system. To do so successfully we will explore and understand your environment and then work to improve it in all possible aspects. We uncover inefficiencies and suggest remedies. We examine and consider all participant roles in the origination, sales, boarding and approval stages. We observe and foster compliance within your regulatory constraints. We learn about your account sales ambitions and seek to enhance your returns on business development.

All of this and more not only requires but facilitates proper planning. And with proper planning, we ensure a successful and rewarding enhancement to your environment.

Identify Your Form Needs and Deliver Solutions

Documents and forms are at the core of our BPM services. All efforts revolve around the forms that are either desired or required for the transaction of your business processes. We help you identify your form needs and help provide the solutions. We can create any form for use in your workflows that you might desire. Pre-built FDIC compliant forms libraries are also available for added security and convenience. And of course, we provide the adept coding expertise that is necessary to accurately populate your forms with data from user input interfaces and from host system databases.

All of this builds efficiency, accuracy and consistency into your processes.

Implementation, Training and Support

All of this builds a solid, successful roll-out of what could be the wisest business process management decision you may ever make.

Retail Banking Clients and Business Process Management

Understanding of the intricacies between an operational process and a piece of workflow software designed to manage it is no doubt important. Understanding of the intricacies between banking operations and any business process management application is mission critical. And we lend that expertise to every project. Our comprehension of your environment, your participants, the regulations we must follow, the conventions we may require and the flexibility we may exercise all add to the success of a BPM implementation. And our broader knowledge of your third-party vendor services and their product options helps you gain even greater business success.

Specifics: Business process and workflow engineering to suit your business goals and requirements, Controlled data collection, Accurate data population/conditioning of documents, Custom document creation, Audit and regulatory compliance, Integration with document image archival systems, Integration with OFAC and ID Verification systems, Integration with check ordering systems