Data mining, reporting and analysis

Fathom the depths of your business data—skillfully

Using industry leading and globally recognized business intelligence software, we delve into your business data for valuable profit making if not money saving opportunities. Use data mining and analysis to manage people, projects, inventories, invoices, assets, logistics and more. Status and analysis reporting provides clear concise perspectives on your state of business between all of your products, services and client relationships. Automate billing tasks and marketing communications.

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Key Features

  • Database development, maintenance and update management
  • Clear, concise reporting—granular to global perspectives
  • Analysis across all dimensions of your business
  • Dashboards for communicating complex intelligence quickly
  • Spotlight performing and underperforming relationships for focused review
  • Model profit opportunities and fee structures against your existing client base
  • Launch marketing efforts with targeted mailing lists
  • Customize display layouts and export data to many useful formats
  • Automated generation and delivery of reports
  • Browser based application with secure access and user controls
  • Share information effortlessly across your network

Our business intelligence services are threefold: Database Implementation, Report Authoring and User Training.

Data mining, reporting and analysis

Database Implementation

We’ll create and customize a database solution that is specifically tailored for your business needs. We examine your objectives and work together to determine the appropriate features and necessary functionality. We integrate your legacy data intelligently, saving time and expense while bringing you up to speed quickly for the most immediate return on investment.

Report Authoring

We’ll create your financial performance reports and build your report library for recurrent use by your departmental personnel. Reports can be automated to run on predetermined schedules and be delivered in a variety of outputs.

User Training

We also train your staff in being self-sufficient database managers and report authors. We teach proper filtering, calculations and all-important familiarity with the data field library. Students learn the practices of scheduling and automating results generation.

Retail Banking Clients and Business Analytics

Using business analytics applications, we provide retail banking clients with in-depth views into their Loans, Deposits, Financial Management Systems, Customer Relationships and much more. We train, write reports and provide technical support to suit the individual needs of any client. And our knowledge of third-party vendor’s products and options helps you gain even greater business intelligence success.

Specifics: Operational/Corporate/Regulatory Report Writing, Performance Dashboards, Report Automation and Distribution, Integration of BI with CRM Applications, User Training and Support in Authoring and User Management, Project Management, Consultation