Document Imaging and Enterprise Content Management

Go paperless and optimize your company’s content management—resourcefully

Using Hyland Software Corporation’s Onbase™ suite of enterprise content management software, we provide many of the traditional ECM capabilities including: capture, routing, management, sharing and archiving. We take your printed paper information and turn it to digital imagery for its greater ease of use, access and storage protection. Sharing and retrieving your content becomes instantaneous. Safeguarding your content digitally meets important Federal regulatory requirements for Disaster Recovery Planning.

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Document Imaging and Enterprise Content ManagementKey Features

Document Imaging Customized to Your Needs

Our solutions are customized to suit the needs of your exact business. From a small one-off assignment of digitizing a particular file library to fully implementing an enterprise content management system to be managed by your company or by our own, we deliver upon whatever your needs might be.

Minimal Impact to Full Immersion

Our efforts can stand independent of your operations with minimal impact to your staff. We can schedule, scan and archive for you and provide frequent up-to-date results. Alternately, we can fully immerse your staff in the document imaging process. Working together we utilize your personnel and train them in all of the DI aspects that are pertinent to your environment. We provide them with the skills and expertise to independently manage your company’s ECM system—today and into the future.

Understanding Your Environment

Not all businesses are identical and neither are their file libraries; even if they follow the same common industry practices. There are many ways to implement an ECM system. Before any decisions are made, we first take the time to investigate and understand the variables of your exact environment: your staffing, network, office equipment, file conditions, file locations and more. In doing so we seek to uncover the best possible alternatives for the best possible solution.

Retail Banking Clients and Document Imaging

Our ECM technological expertise blends well with Onbase™, Highland Software’s popular COLD storage archival and document imaging solution that is commonly re-branded and offered by third-party data service vendors. We have extensive experience in Onbase™ configurations as they apply within the banking environment. And this specialization lends itself to proper implementations and in working efficiently with your third-party data service vendor personnel. Furthermore, our knowledge of your third-party services and product options helps you gain even greater ECM success.

Specifics: Scanning Physical Libraries, Enterprise-wide DI Implementations, User Training and Support in DI Operations and Management, Project Management, Consultation