How We Approach Our Work

There is a distinct approach and working culture that we bring to the table. Dive deeper into the ways that we ensure your success online.

The process of developing a functional, thriving and well designed website is an intricate one—and we’re here to ease that effort for you. We identify and provide all needed expertise and we quite expect to handle all technical and creative aspects to spare you the heavy lifting. You will be centrally involved, be certain of it. But primarily as our collaborating supervisor to provide milestone feedback and approvals. We’ll also delve thoroughly into your business operations and objectives together during our project’s initial discovery phase.

Here’s a breakdown of the overall development process from the 30k-foot level, nearly all of which is in our capable hands:

  • Discovery discussions to learn Client needs, requirements and available assets and collaborators, plus exploring potential project scope
  • Development Proposal presented on required and recommended site features and design, with time and expense estimates
  • Development Agreement presented and formally approved
  • Site visual design ideas and design direction discussions
  • The Initial Build – Domain name acquisition, website hosting established, core CMS installed, SSL encryption, initial theme and demo content and features installed, add-ons and plugins installed, initial admin user accounts created, domain email accounts or service subscription established
  • Logo design
  • Content and navigation development
  • Site and individual page design
  • Imagery collection and acquisition
  • Integrations with chosen third-party plugins and platforms
  • Analytics implementation
  • Responsive design review, testing and CSS adjustments for accuracy on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Testing all site utilities for functional performance
  • SEO page and asset optimizations
  • Testing, testing and more testing—visual and functional refinements as needed
  • Client final review and signoff
  • Launch
  • The site is born and the Client is the proud new owner

First and foremost we always want to be on the same page with you. This means maintaining earnest communications and accurate expectations from the start and at all times throughout the development. We don’t like bad surprises any more than you do. So in the spirit of productivity, fairness and transparency to us all, we strive to avoid unnecessary surprises by properly explaining, thoroughly listening, and proactively working together to keep all matters on point and understood.

We provide custom web-savvy solutions with a key focus upon small businesses and startups. And that can differ with every business. Our specialized skills in design, development, site optimization and site promotion will take your online presence forward in this ever evolving medium. No matter the business, its scale or complexity, your website is a critical asset in your business success that deserves proper care and capability.

We work fast and get things done and we see this benefits our mutual success and cost effectiveness. Plus, our company operates within the remote gig economy from various locations in Los Angeles and everywhere else. We’ll come to you whenever necessary yet of course we also utilized online meeting and collaboration tools extensively to maximize budget efficiency, team synergy and intercommunication, and overall project success.

The world is starving for authenticity—especially online. We’re all hungry for honest representation, trustworthy transactions, beneficial connections and productive relationships. All of which can be achieved through ethical professionalism, compassion and transparency. We’re fostering that business mindset in ourselves and helping our business clients to achieve and present the same.

We believe in authenticity as a winning differentiator.

Simply put, we’ll both be expected to put our best efforts into your project at all times. The results of the project will be highly dependent on this. And as we pride ourselves on our business reputation as much as you do yours, you can be assured that we’ll keep things on track for us both and properly moving in the desired directions.

We’re in this to win this as much as you are. That’s a promise and an assurance.

Who We Are

Mark Alderton—Director, Lead Developer and much more

Our head coach is Mark Alderton—our Director, Lead Developer, Project Manager, and much more. An adept internet business consultant and online marketing professional, Mark has been designing, building and managing successful business websites and online brands for more than two decades.

The Crew—a talented, vibrant and cohesive team

We’re also a collaboration of diverse and like-minded independent web professionals. In essence, a flexible and talented pool of local resources with which we can cover every aspect of business web development and management.

Our  organizational advantages help us to maintain a lean efficiency while delivering continually high caliber results. We come from many backgrounds, we can wear many hats, and we do so well. This helps you to save time, money, and effort while making your project more effective and successful overall.

We’re Eager To Help

You’ll learn this from the moment we meet.

Get in touch with us today and let’s start transforming your business for the better.

Initial Consultation

Let’s talk. No commitments are required and there’s no expense to do so. We welcome the opportunity to explore your needs and the possibilities between us.

Targeted Marketing

Helping your business find your customers and get found online. Many strategies exist so, where to start? We’ll help you assess and develop the best solution for your business.

Excellent Support

We’re here to assist and support you and your online business at all times. We’re local, accessible and attentive. Plus, fully in tune with your website’s needs.