Project Description

Bagel Boyz is an established and popular chain of bagel shops located in the city of Santa Clarita, California. They offer a wide selection of bagels and topping spreads, bagel sandwiches, coffees and smoothies, event catering and commercial wholesale bagel services.

Bagel Boyz’s goals with this online project included reintroducing their brand with a fully new and fresh web presence that prepares them for their future growth and their planned marketing ambitions. Plus, highlighting their varied bagels and bagel service offerings, as well as publicizing their exemplary customer service and their commitment to excellence in “modern bagel construction.”

Their new site site is clean, bright, cheerful and of course, properly mobile friendly; matching the needs and expectations of their predominantly on-the-go clientele. Also, the critical product imagery properly evokes and displays the quality of their delicious bagel menu.