Project Description

Vistas For Children is a non-profit, charitable organization in Los Angeles, California, whose mission is to raise and distribute funds for special needs children and to be a system of support for those children and their families.  It includes, but is not limited to, children who are multi-disabled, abused, homeless, terminally ill, foster children and children who suffer from pediatric illnesses, such as retinoblastoma.

Their website’s newly improved visual design and messaging now speaks better to their philanthropic goals and also now garners increased awareness and broader participation from charitable donors and their volunteer members. They also produce semi-annual fundraisers as key facilitators of their charitable giving. And promoting and publicizing these events to the public, as well as improving production efforts within the organization, were primary ambitions to their website rebuild. These goals were accomplished in part through a newly focused imagery and branding effort, an online event calendar system, and a private-access member resources section.